Lite - Student Management System

The perfect fit for a new RTO.

This entry-level Student Management System for Australian RTOs combines compliance with lightweight and affordability.

Starting at $146.00 per Month, Payable annually, PowerPro Lite can be upgraded when you’re ready.

Desktop - Student Management System

I am feature rich!

Suitable for the multiuser environment campus where an eLearning integration is not required, this version of the student management system provides the toolset for small to medium-sized providers.
Including invoicing, Account Ledger integration and QR Code parchment validation.

Prices for this version starts at $234.00 per Month. Payable annually.

Sky - Student Management System

Power up!

Access your data on the go with our system. You can manage your training records froom the office, the training room, or from home. It is tightly integrated with teh best VET eLearning platform and powered by automatic student notifications. Thus, this is the platform of choice for the modern RTO in Australia

Sky prices start from $250 per Month for the SMS and $300 including the Cloud Assess LMS. Payable annually.

Corporate RTO

Are you a Corporate RTO?
Let us tailor a quote to your needs with our advanced student management system.

Education Groups

Manage multiple Training Providers using the easiest and best-supported student management system.

All versions of PowerPro come with a 12 Month Subscription – No Lock-in Contracts!

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Native applications like PowerPro RTO Australia give better performance when compared to browser-based applications. They are faster, more responsive, and more interactive, providing a richer set of actions and experiences. Furthermore, PowerPro integrates with the operating system and installed software, such as Microsoft Office, to provide additional functionality, For instance, PowerPro’s student management system is a prime example of how native applications can enhance operational efficiency and user satisfaction.

When you combine this with a backend hosted by a cloud infrastructure industry leader, you get a system that  integrates locally with the operating system and globally with APIs. This is the PowerPro Sky concept.

Moreover, this widely established system is powered by years of VET training field experience. As a result, our support team understands and speaks the training language.

Therefore, join this growing user community and you will never look back!

Integrations with industry leading eLearning and accounting platforms are available as add-on modules. Please use the Price Calculator or Contact Us for more information.

A reliable support service completes a Student Management System. Powerpro users can call a hotline for immediate assistance or use a support email address, depending on their preference. We pride ourselves on providing the best user support in the industry. Before choosing a system that your team will use every day, make sure to do your research. Moreover, we're happy to provide referrals if required.

Equally important is to 'try before you buy'.

Download your 30-day Trial and see for yourself why this platform is an exceptional choice for your business.

Life Cycle with Student Management System

  • Experience and Field Knowledge

    PowerPro is developed by a team of Training Professionals and Software Engineers. The language and terminology used in the system matches what Trainers, Assessors and Compliance Officers use daily. The feedback from a large pool of users aligned with Industry Compliance requirements guides the continuous improvement and development of this Student Management System.

  • Transition and Onboarding

    As part of the onboarding process, a case manager is allocated to the Provider. This person assists with the transition to PowerPro and coordinates the import of any AVETMISS data if available. A training block of five hours is allocated to the Provider. This is typically delivered online over five one-hour sessions. However, this can be adjusted to the client’s needs. The onboarding process is covered by the Initial fee (please refer to the Price Calculator or Contact Us for more information).

  • Continuous Improvement

    Like the student’s journey through their training program, PowerPro users are regularly in touch with the Support Team: to train a new staff member, to request a new report or automation, to get assistance with a funding claim lodgement or to suggest an improvement. This close contact forms an enduring relationship allowing the training organisation to focus on their core business: to deliver training.

Years Experience
Powerpro RTO student management system - group of people discussing
Powerpro RTO student management

PowerPro Lite - Student Management System

  • From Lite Things

    PowerPro Lite is the most cost-effective way to tick the student management system compliance box. This entry-level product allows the new RTO Australia to manage students, courses, and trainers to fulfill reporting and compliance requirements with minimal effort. PowerPro Lite does not include non-accredited training, invoicing, or trainer scheduling. These sub-systems are enabled once the provider updates to the higher-end versions.

  • Big Things Grow

    Collect and report AVETMISS data, verify Student USIs, issue and track AQF documents, manage Continuous improvement and collect Learner Feedback: these are some of the functions available in PowerPro Lite. As the provider grows, a natural progression to the Desktop or Sky version is smooth since all versions share the same user interface. The higher end versions will then unleash the power of multiple users, systems integration, automations and multiple campuses if applicable.

PowerPro Desktop - Student Management System

  • Inter Medium

    The Desktop version suits single campus providers needing a multiuser system without eLearning integration. This affordable option is often used by enterprise RTOs. Like the Lite version the database is hosted internally - by the RTO. This allows developers to easily create database connectors to feed training data into other enterprise systems.

  • Value For Money

    This mid-range version supports Invoicing, Non-Accredited Training and Trainer Scheduling. It can be used by as many simultaneous users as the amount of user licenses in your plan. Combining rich functionality with minimal ongoing fees, PowerPro Desktop is the definition of Value for Money.

PowerPro Sky - Student Management System

  • The Sky is the Limit

    PowerPro Sky lightens the provider IT infrastructure and allows staff and trainers to use PowerPro remotely (from home, other campuses, etc). Sky functionality is extended by tight integrations with industry leader eLearning products such as Cloud Assess and Moodle. A server maintenance schedule combined with a solid data backup policy allow our clients to focus on their core business.

  • Smooth Transition

    PowerPro Sky introduces the Template Manager. This nifty built-in tool stores the Document Templates within the PowerPro database removing the need to use a shared folder for this purpose. Apart from this the PowerPro Sky user interface is the same as the other versions. This means there is minimal to none training need when upgrading to PowerPro Sky.