1. Entering the RTO details  https://youtu.be/YvDW5N_pil8
  2. Creating User Roles https://youtu.be/50zfB_DfN0Q
  3. Creating User Accounts  https://youtu.be/OwP03yEVZLk
  4. Importing Units & Nominal hours https://youtu.be/ij9gXJNRweI
  5. Adding a Trainer to the System https://youtu.be/UZINfwcPhvI
  6. Creating an Accredited Short Course https://youtu.be/7YzVHthdKB4
  7. Creating a Non-Accredited Course https://youtu.be/TDbCbjPpdrQ
  8. Cloning an Accredited Course https://youtu.be/-bK-KbSnr9U
  9. Syncing Course list online https://youtu.be/8-K373P2Dtg
  10. Importing Online enrolments https://youtu.be/cDJpXz-EF08
  11. Scheduling Course Sessions https://youtu.be/Q_MCLJdFOOQ 
  12. Obtaining M2M Credentials https://youtu.be/zB-VWrMV3mw
  13. Installing an M2M on Template Manager https://youtu.be/LI0Gzx9P1vg
  14. Collecting Learner & Employer Surveys for Quality Indicator Reporting https://youtu.be/zMQajWK08u8
  15. Entering Clients with a single name https://youtu.be/pbbuqGvV9bk