Power QR

PowerQR is a credit based add-on module of PowerPro RTO. Briefly, each AQF parchment will include a QR
code which once scanned (by an employer for example) opens a web page validating the document. PowerQR
streamlines the AQF document validation process by eliminating the need for the employer to contact the RTO.
The PowerQR document validation page includes the RTO logo, RTO code as well as contact details

Click here to preview a PowerQR scanned document.

To use the PowerQR functionality the RTO must be using PowerPro RTO, subscribe to PowerQR and purchase parchment credits (each parchment upload equals one credit).

Setup fee (one of)$400.00 + GST
CreditsPack Cost (ex GST)

To subscribe to PowerQR, use Home>PowerQR>Subscribe to PowerQR now as per screen shot below.

Power QR - PowerPro RTO Software - Student Management System

More information on PowerQR is available in the PowerQR FAQ section.