Parchment fraud prevention

PowerQR is a Document Validation System used by Registered Training Organisations. PowerQR validates  officially issued Testamurs, Records of Results and Statements of Attainment.
Using a mobile phone, a third party can quickly validate these Parchments simply by scanning its QR code:

Sample Certificate - PowerQR

Scanning the QR Code on the above Parchment, will validate the document using the PowerQR system. If the Parchment produced is legitimate, the same Parchment content should be displayed:

Sample Certificate (Mobile) - PowerQR

Scrolling down the screen, the page reveals the Document Number, the Date Issued and the RTO details:

Sample Certificate (Mobile) - PowerQR

PowerQR Parchment validation is a more efficient way to validate AQF documents. It eliminates the need for third parties (e.g. employers) to contact the RTO in order to verify the authenticity of the Document produced.