Talent LMS

Using this plug-in, RTOs can have PowerPro enrolled Students (named “Clients” in PowerPro) automatically transferred to the Talent LMS platform and enrolled against the corresponding Course. This process will be referred to as “provisioning” in this document.
The plug-is also responsible for fetching any unit completions from Talent LMS into PowerPro. This process will be referred to as “result fetching” in this document.
Both provisioning and resulting fetching occur whenever the Integration Agent is executed. This process is scheduled to run on the PowerPro Sky Server as often as needed: it can run one a day, twice a day, every hour or every ten minutes. Please contact the PowerPro Support team should you need to adjust the frequency of the integration process.

For more information, please read our testimonials to see how this feature has benefited other RTOs.

The feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate the automation and efficiency that the provisioning and result fetching processes bring to their operations. By reducing manual data entry, the PowerPro RTO Management System allows staff to focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks. Our clients’ testimonials frequently mention the system’s reliability and the substantial time savings they experience, which ultimately enhances the learning experience for their students.