Feedback from our clients is very important to us. Here’s what our customers have to say about the PowerPro RTO Management System and how it has transformed their student management processes. Our testimonials highlight the PowerPro RTO Management System’s efficiency, ease of use, and exceptional support service, reinforcing its value for RTO providers.

Many users praise the PowerPro RTO Management System for its intuitive interface and robust features that simplify tracking student progress and managing course schedules. Additionally, the system’s seamless integration with other software solutions, such as VET eLearning platforms, ensures a comprehensive approach to student management. The testimonials consistently reflect positive reviews for streamlining administrative tasks, enhancing compliance with regulatory requirements, and improving overall operational efficiency for training organizations.

By utilizing the PowerPro RTO Management System, providers have experienced significant time savings and improved accuracy in reporting. Our clients also appreciate the system’s flexibility in adapting to their unique needs, making it an indispensable tool for any RTO. Discover why so many education professionals trust the PowerPro RTO Management System to handle their student management needs effectively through our glowing testimonials. Read more testimonials to see how the PowerPro RTO Management System can benefit your organization.

Australian Institute  Higher Education
“For the last 30 years as the CEO and the owner of two RTOs, I have dealt with a few RTO Students management systems. I found Power pro to be the best product at a very reasonable price for our needs with an excellent customer service. The CEO of the organization is very approachable and has a good knowledge about his products and always willing to help!.I have been using PowerPro for the last 3 years and very happy with the product and their service.” 
Aviation College

Good afternoon Pedro I did enjoy the Workshop, I learnt so much more on what Powerpro can do for us. Thank you in advance for the attendance update.

Kind regards

Lorretta Britton

The Pivot Institute

Many thanks for assisting us through the submission of various data for complying with the AQTF2010 standards, all along. You were always available for support!

We wouldn’t have reached this far without your help!

Sumita Parti


I am writing to say how pleased we are with “POWERPRO RTO – TMS”.

Your program was recommended to us by an acquaintance in another training organisation and we started using POWERPRO RTO – TMS to manage our training records over 12 months ago. Right from the first time we used it we found it easy to use and the more we use it, the more we are convinced that it suits us and our organisation! Even our new Administration Assistant has had no trouble learning to use the program and often remarks how simple it is!

You have always been available to assist us with any queries about the program and we have found that your regular updates have resulted in the program being further enhanced and more user friendly!

Our decision to commission PowerPro RTO Systems to build our new website was based on the high level of service you provided to us (related to POWER PRO) and we are also very happy with how that has turned out.

We value the on going support you continue to provide and look forward to continuing the relationship between our organisations.

Shelley Richards

Allaid  Firstaid

“Just a quick note to say “I’m loving it ”. I’ve had 4 different SMS systems in 7 years as an RTO and none of them come close to yours It’s flexible enough to meet my specific business needs and the export-import system is perfect for my workflows. And .. I’m loving the “Locate USI” button … has saved me hours of tedious emails to clients. It’s been a very busy period for us and the system has worked without a glitch, crunching through about 850 clients so far and likely to be 1000 by late Jan 2022. ”

Corporate Training  Solutions

I want to congratulate you and your team on a very well designed and intuitive software that is a pleasure to use on a daily basis. It really was a perfect fit for our business and I only wish that I have found you sooner.

Barry O’Regan

On fit Training College

Pedro, we’ve never talked but working with you and Power pro has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

We’ve worked with so many companies that are excited until the contract is signed. I appreciate how you listen and work with our whole team.

Don Bacchi

Wontulp College

I just wanted to send a very big thanks for your continuous support to our organisation and Rev Victor asked that the I also express his gratitude for how you have assisted us. Our Indigo report was accepted and all is ok, awesome work you’re doing.

Blessing to you and your little family

From Davena, Nola & the Wontulp Staff

Fly Oz

Power Pro RTO is a great Student Management System. My company have been using for just over a year and it saves me a lot of time. I am still learning new things about the system. The support team are great and have talked me through all the setting up of the different components. As the company I work for is expanding rapidly this program will help us to manage our students and trainers. Another great feature is that it interfaces with many of the government systems I am required to use.

10 out of 10 and great value for money.